How Payroll Outsourcing Leads to Bigger Bonuses

This is the time of year when employees look forward to a little something extra from the boss.  Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, 80 percent of employers give holiday bonuses to their employees to thank them for being a key part of their company’s success.  Many of these companies use payroll services to handle the complicated and exacting tasks of tracking hours, issuing vacation pay, sick leave, and promotion upgrades, among other tasks.  They also rely on the company to properly document payroll taxes and deductions according to the laws of their state.  For the workaday employee, getting a paycheck can be a life changing experience.  And when they can count on a bonus at the end of the year, it’s even better.  But what about an employee who’s just starting with the company?  Are they entitled to a bonus?  Many experts will say, no, and the employee would not expect one.  But the boss can do something that spreads cheer and says welcome, like sending them a gift from 1800Flowers.  And the best way to do that is by using a Groupon code that will save the company money as well.

Most experts agree that money is money.  When you’re in business you want to make it.  And you also want to cut your expenses as much as possible.  So if you can use a simple code when you order flowers for a new or returning employee, it just shows how concerned you are about the bottom line.  After all, you outsource your payroll to be accurate and thrifty.  Using Groupon fits well with your corporate philosophy.

Experts also agree that you should hand out a holiday bonus in a separate check from the regular payroll.  This separation makes record keeping easier for both the payroll department and the employee at tax time.  Some company owners take pride and enjoyment in handing out bonuses the old- fashioned way – via a handwritten check tucked inside a company greeting card.  For some, using the services of a payroll company makes lots of sense in today’s technologically advanced world.  Punching in the numbers can lead to a more efficient and accurate payroll, but it can never relay the sense of gratitude the boss feels for those hard-working men and women who make it all worthwhile each day.

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